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Affiliate Program


A respectful greeting to our potential partners,


With partner transportation network covered in most of national cities, provinces/ airports, including taxi companies as well as car-rental organizations, we have strong fundamental in providing diverse transportation. We have ability to meet transportation needs through Common Taxi service, Saving Taxi service (taxi-sharing, minibus) and Premium Car Service (luxury car)


You can join with us if you have ability to meet our requirement. We need partners who have ability to access customer’s’ transportation needs within intercity, inter-province, to the airports and tourism destination. Joining with us will help you increase customers’ incremental value as well as your generated revenue from successful transaction


We confirm opened opportunities as well as fair cooperation for following potential partners.  With each group of partners, we are pleased to provide the most coherent programme and mutual benefit.




1.  Online organization with related services


 We will provide you tools (including and unlimited in: banner, iframe, API, widgets) depending on products, online service which you are running.


Potential Partners

     Airlines, Online airline ticketing agent

     Online tour/hotel booking agent

     Website, Tourism forums

   Online booking application (car, restaurant…)

   Websites, online webinar/event/space  

     Website, application, forum….have numerous users


How to work with us

    Advertising our banner in your  website/forum/application  

   Embed Iframe  in website/forum/application 

     Create customized taxi booking form using our API

Your benefit

   Agent Commission : based on successful transaction, we will pay agent’s commission. Partners will be provided admin account to keep tracks of successful transactions from partners’ website/forum/application. Applied rate will be based on number of successful transactions

     Increase customer’s incremental value: added services to improve current service’s value, such as airline ticket, tourism application, hotel booking… 


     Free tools and documents: banner design supporting, taxi booking interface, free advertising materials (broche, flyer)  


    Media opportunities: becoming our partner gives you free media advantage. You will appear in our website, mobile application containing huge traffics and top search position. 


 2. Organiztions that serving customers which have high demand of taxi service


Becoming our partner will help you generate new civilized and convenient service for your customers as well as mutually financial benefit

 Potential partners

     Hotels, Restaurants

   Airline ticket agent

     Tourist organizations, Oversea study agency, Oversea employment agency


     Avents/Exhibition Organization.


How to work with us

      Sign in the Agent contract  with us

     Use your corporate account to register for customers.

 Your benefit

     Agent’s commission for successful transaction

     Increase customer’s incremental value: opportunity to provide customer discount rate, civilized, convenient and economic transportation service

     Maximum benefit from discount and payment for Corporate Customer and  Frequent Customer




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