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Taxi Booking Reference - Video Guide



Step 1: Select your "Airport"


Step 2: Select your "Route"



Step 3: Select 1 of 3 opstions: One-way, Two-way (aplly for the ride to airport then return , in same taxi)  OR Round-trip 




Step 4: Select your Pick-up / Dropp-off Adress (Street Name, Ward, Distric, Province)


Step 5: Select your Arrivals/Departures Date


Step 6: Select your TIME  , then choose "Book Now"


Step7: Complete your Booking Information

- Select Service type, including:

- Taxi : 1 of 2 options Private Taxi / Taxi-sharing

- Pick- up Time *For ride from airport, please select your pick-up time ealier than your time arrival at least 15-30 minutes.

- Select 1 of 2 options: Number of seat (for Taxi-sharing) OR Taxi type (for Private Taxi)

- Enter your Flight Code *This will help us keep tracks of flight's Departure / Arrivals status. Then, we can automatically adjust pick-up time / place*


Step 8: Complete your Personal Information *Phone number, National Identification Number OR Passport Number, Email , Pick-up Adress and Note*



+ In case you  book for another: Select the box "Book for another", then complete his/ her information


 + In case you want to export VAT Invoice : Select box "Export VAT Invoice" then complete required information


 + In case you want to pick-up  at different points, select box "I want to add more pick-up adress", then adding .The system will automatically caculate your extra cost  *minimum 20,000 VND per points,depending on distance"



Step 9:  Enter your Verified Code, Select  OKE -> Payment


Step 10: Confirm your order,  select OKE . Select CANCEL in case you want to return Booking Information Page


Step 11: Select your payment method

  • Prepaid *ATM or VISA*
  • Bank transfer *including Ticket Code and Booking Information*
  • Postpaid *pay to the driver after using service*




+ Select Payment Gateway


+ Select Payment Card


For National  Payment Card

+ Complete required information


+ Enter  your password


 + Enter code (OTP):


For International Payment Card: Select your card option then complete required information


+ Sucessful Payment Inform


+ Check your Ticket information again


Bank Transfer


+ Check your Ticket information


Postpaid: You will pay to taxi driver after ride



Step 12: Send message follwing informed structure (cost of 2,000 VND/one), the Ticket Code will be automatically sent to your phone number (including phone number of person you book for)


+ Check your Ticket information






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