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 Apart from providing convenience and saving option to individuals customer, we also endeavor to provide a  special services package  for organizations in which a given budget needs to be used effectively. 


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Direct transportation contract between organization and Dichung JSC

  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Online registered accounts to book tickets.


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Encourage employees to use taxi sharing services if applicable


Benefit of organization client program: 

  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Transportation cost for business trips can be reduced to 30-40 % through the taxi sharing service compared to conventional options, especially with organizations that regularly  send employees to travel by plane


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Maximum benefits of  Frequent Customer Program can be obtained to save more, by using the organization’s account


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Benefits of post payment ( at the beginning of the next month with VAT invoices) to save time for the organization’s accounting and administration department 


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Provides administrators a system to report the number of trips ​​, the amount of money and C02 savings to evaluate accumulated savings by the organization for both cost and social responsibility purposes.

  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Contribute to solving the problem of traffic jams and urban pollution. Members of the organization will be proud when their organization is held accountable to society




  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  All organization have operation in Vietnam

  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Frequent use of services at least 30 times a month. ( Each leg counts as one )



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