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A respectful greeting from Taxiairport.vn to our potential partners,


With partner transportation network covered in most of national cities, provinces/ airports, including taxi companies as well as car-rental organizations, we have strong fundamental in providing diverse transportation. We have ability to meet transportation needs through Common Taxi service, Saving Taxi service (taxi-sharing, minibus) and Premium Service (Luxury car)


If you meet our requirement about service quality, you will have opportunities to become our partner. Joining with us will give you incremental interest as well as valuable benefit


 Your benefit


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Have ability to reach millions of customers through Di Chung’s online media.  In addition, your organization will have chance to maximize transportation capacity, increase incremental revenue as well as number of customer’s orders  .


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Catch up with consumer trend in searching and online booking through mobile application

  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Support from us  in developing online booking channel without investment cost, maintenance cost and IT personnel (for transportation organization)


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Allow to book and pay in advance, ensure revenue and initiative business


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg   Provide automatic Customer Feedback System allowing improve quality service 


How to join with us 

  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Complete transportation partner register form


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg   Agree test for service quality (for organization) and professional skill related to passenger carrying (for drivers joining as individual role)


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Sign carriage contract and commission


  Conditions of participation 


  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Professional transportation company

  /assets/images/li_partner_b.jpg  Driver who want to participate to our system  in order to provide on demand services


Please refer to our  partner list  here before register to becomer our transportation partner



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